Why Use CJ Ignition?

  • Understand the full journey.
    Understand customers’ needs through understanding the whole journey, not just the parts you (or your clients) are engaged in. Exclusive focus on your own touchpoints and your current journey misses many opportunities.
  • Discover the most critical touchpoints.
    Discover the most critical touchpoints from the customers’ perspective.
  • Compare against the best in the industry.
    Compare your customer experience, touchpoints and channels to industry best practise and competitors.
  • Identify new opportunities.
    Identify tangible opportunities to improve your customer experience – including open questions, known issues, process changes needed, updated business requirements.
  • Find the right metrics.
    Understand and implement customer experience metrics that deliver financial gains.

Benefits for Travel Companies

  • Align the key business units around a common understanding of the customer and a new customer experience strategy.
    The strategy includes a prioritised plan of action, with clear business unit ownership – business units believe it, own it and can implement it.
  • Address business silos and culture. Give business unit leaders a better understanding of the entire journey, especially how different business units impact each other and impact the overall customer experience. Avoid limited views of the customer journey which result in wasted customer experience investments.
  • Unlock commercial benefits with updated metrics for measuring customer experience effectiveness and customer lifetime value.

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